Our Story


Luxury Vegan Handbags made from Recycled Bottles.

When we first started searching for high-quality non-leather handbags, we see companies are still using century-old toxic PVC and cheaply made PU yet still proudly announcing their high-end vegan status, which just doesn’t seem right to us. 

So we set a mission to change, that the future of fashion should be cruelty-free and waste-free. And we think we are making it happen. 

Made from recycled bottles. Over 50% now. Going 100% in 2 years.

Most people think plastic is not recyclable. Believe it or not, Patagonia has been using recycled polyester since 1993, and it’s a shame that the fashion world didn’t follow.

After years of research, we found out that the recycling technology has evolved so much that nearly all polyester-based materials can be recycled. So starting from our 2018 collection, all our lining materials will be made from 100% recycled bottles, and we are planing to replace the major material with recycled materials as well in 2 years!

We only work with factories that are certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standards) and the Oeko-Tex Standard, which means all our partners have been audited by the authorities and all the materials we use can be traced.