About us

Luxury Handbags made from Recycled Bottles.

Our Story

Our logic is simple: we love animals, so we don't want to hurt them by peeling off their skins to make our bags.

When we first started searching for high-quality non-leather handbags, we see companies are still using century-old toxic PVC and cheaply made PU yet still proudly announcing their high-end vegan status, which just doesn’t seem right to us. 

So we set a mission to change, that the future of fashion should be cruelty-free and waste-free. And we think we are making it happen. 


It all starts with the material. Along with our partners, we set a mission to create the perfect vegan material that performs better than leather. After years of researching and testing, we think we did it.

Introducing, Patina.

Simply put, we think it’s the best vegan leather ever invented, combining beauty, high quality, and excellent functionality. The material is where high grade polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather. Unlike other synthetic materials, it's lasts as long as leather and has the same leather look and feel. That's why we call it Patina.

The ultra-microfiber technology has been around for decades but mainly on high-end sofas, luxury car seats and sporty shoes. Today, we are bringing this luxurious high-tech material into fashion bags. The results are stunning. First, it's much more durable than PU. A normal PU bag can only last one year before peeling, flaking and eventually falling apart, while our bags can last at least 5-10 years. Second, soft leather look and feel. If you have put your hands on a cheap PU bag, you know how plastic if feels. The soft texture and feel of premium Patina is different. Because of the fundamental structure difference on the molecule level, Patina gives nearly the same soft and elegant touch of genuine leather.


Not only do we produce the material ethically, we also make sure our bags are made in a fair trade condition.
Devoted to making only vegan bags, our manufacture locates in the flower town of Guangzhou, China. The facility is home to 500 workers and has served luxury brands like Calvin Klein and Prada. Their smallest client is 10 times our size yet they still want to give us a shot.

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